Luofan to Nanyang is a newly completed homestay in 2017, with the atmosphere of Nanyang Bali. The main axis of the story is the historical background of the Chinese who went to Nanyang to work hard.
It is said that in the mid-nineteenth century, China's coastal areas opened up five ports to trade, which attracted poor Chinese workers from the southern coastal areas to make money from their hometowns to Southeast Asia, and started a wave of immigrants from Kinmen.

The "Fanke" of Kinmen, following the trend of the times, set foot on a foreign land and worked hard to develop. This not only changed their personal destiny, but also initiated the changes in Kinmen. The foreigners who worked hard repatriated their earned labor income back to their hometown and built a building. One after another beautiful western-style buildings and the characteristic buildings of the combination of Chinese and Western styles, the stories of the joys and sorrows of the foreigners have been passed down from generation to generation.

The hostess and hostess of the homestay went to Australia to work hard for two years and experienced many ups and downs. They also saw many records and photos of the Chinese in the foreign land in the early days of Lanliu in a foreign land. They can empathize with them. So I want to share this little-known historical story with more people.

If you want a deeper understanding of Luofan’s culture and history, welcome to visit Kinmen. This homestay provides services such as accommodation, travel, car rental reservation, guided tour, introduction to attractions in Kinmen, private houses, local cultural experience, and information on food and snacks.